Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black

Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Black

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Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots with Deception Canvas™

You must be prepared to live on your feet. You’ll move by any and all forms of transportation. Occasionally, you’ll stash your rucksack, but you’ll always have your boots on. You demand the absolute best because your life depends on it. This is the way of life we choose. 

The night before the Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy, the first 3-man Jedburgh team jumped into occupied France. They linked up with the local resistance fighters and waged guerrilla warfare against the Nazis — sabotage, ambushes, raids — and coordinated supply drops that would further arm the underground and draw enemy fighters away from the main Allied efforts.

93 Jedburgh teams deployed between June and September 1944 to work behind enemy lines in urban and rural areas, by day and night, supporting a shared mission to liberate the free world from oppression. Per Hitler’s Commando Order, if captured, they would face torture and execution.

Deception, therefore, was the name of the game.

Our new Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots honor the legacy of the 300 men selected as Jedburghs and are adaptive to their broad spectrum of mission requirements.

  • 3X Support with Custom Compression Insert: Our custom insert uses a dense compression foam system that supports your entire foot from heel to toe - including contoured arch support - throughout the duration of your foot strike.
  • All-Terrain Outsole: Dual compound rubber outsole delivers versatile performance in any environment, including improved traction on wet and muddy terrain. The forefoot rubber is formulated for increased grip while the heel area is formulated for abrasion resistance and increased durability.
  • Wide Toe Box: Generous forefoot area lets your toes breathe. Over time and distance during any activity including rucking or traveling, your feet will swell. This extra space reduces the friction that can occur if your feet rub against the insides of your boot.
  • Ankle Webbing: Suitable for airborne operations and maintain stability and support on uneven ground. The 2" webbing is sewn into the heel counter. When you lace your boots up with your ankle locked into the heel, the heel counter and the 2" webbing do not pull forward - this is by design.
  • Rucking Offset: The ideal heel-to-toe drop for rucking. 13mm offset reduces the strain on your achilles (and by proxy your ankle, knees, and hips) and helps to accommodate a natural gait in an unnatural world of asphalt and man-made surfaces.
  • Lightweight EVA Midsole: The relationship between the EVA midsole and the rubber outer sole matters greatly to the performance of the boot - and the combined weight is a major factor in whether you want to wear them or not.
  • No Spacer Mesh: Spacer mesh is soft, squishy, and feels comfortable to your hand when you touch it. But it’s a trap, literally. The first time spacer mesh looks at any kind of water, your boots get heavier and they stay that way. So we proudly do not use spacer mesh, end of story.
  • No Break-In Time: They're ready when you are, right out of the box.
Specs + Materials
  • Upper materials: Deception Canvas™
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Workhorse insert included
  • High-traction rubber outsole
  • 13mm heel-to-toe drop
  • Neutral last (straight from heel to toe)
  • 6" shaft height
  • 6" dimensions (size 9): 12"L x 4.25"W x  6.5"H
  • 6" weight (size 9): 1.00 lbs (16 ounces)
  • 6" lacing system: 4 eyelets with 2 speed laces / 3mm laces
  • Built in Vietnam

Surprise, Kill & Vanish

Operation Jedburgh

The History Behind Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots

Performance Upper

Deception Canvas™

It's not actually canvas. Our new Deception material is recycled polyester woven tight to create a vintage canvas look. It's tougher, dries faster and happens to be eco-friendly.

Deception at play.

NEW // Deception Canvas™ Compared to 12 oz. Cotton Duck Canvas

3X Stronger

Deception Canvas™ is significantly more abrasion resistant than traditional canvas with a much higher tensile strength and three (3) times greater tear strength aka it's made to perform.

Dries 5X Faster

After being submerged in water, traditional canvas takes five (5) times longer to dry and more than doubles in weight. Deception Canvas™ hates water - inherently hydrophobic with a wax finish - and doesn't absorb a drop.

Retains Shape

Just like traditional canvas, Deception Canvas™ develops a rich patina over time and only looks better with age. However, Deception Canvas™ doesn't stretch out and your Jedburgh's will retain their shape no matter how many miles you put under them.


Built on the MACV-1™ Platform

Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots feature an all-new, versatile performance upper on the same solid foundation of our classic rucking boot - MACV-1™.

They both share the same durable, yet lightweight EVA midsole and all-terrain outsole that thrives in all kinds of terrain.

3X Support™

You have 3 arches in your foot... not just one. Support is foundational to all GORUCK footwear and Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots are built to support all three (3) of your arches.

A-B // Anterior Transverse Arch
B-C // Lateral Longitudinal Arch
A-C // Medial Longitudinal Arch

Proven at the GORUCK Challenge

The Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots continue the legacy of MACV-1™ - proven over thousands of miles at the toughest endurance events in the world. No matter how much the Cadre throw at you, you want your boots to support you every step of the way and you want them to never fail.

GORUCK Footwear Compared


Rucking Boots with a Versatile Performance Upper That Looks Good Anywhere

Deception Canvas™ upper performs in any environment - inspired by the broad spectrum of mission requirements of the Jedburgh teams of WWII. Built on the tested and proven MACV-1™ platform.

UPPER // Deception Canvas™
MIDSOLE // Lightweight EVA
OUTSOLE // Dual Compound All-Terrain Rubber
PROFILE // 6" Boot
FIT // True to size with a wide toe box. Same fit as MACV-1™.

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Rucking Boots for Combat, Travel and Anyone Who Lives on Their Feet

Classic leather boots - inspired by Vietnam-era jungle boots, modernized to be lighter and more supportive for today’s all-terrain requirements of traveling, training, rucking - and assaulting. Made for people who demand a lot of their feet.

UPPER // Challenge Leather™ or Suede
MIDSOLE // Lightweight EVA
OUTSOLE // Dual Compound All-Terrain Rubber
PROFILE // 6" or 8" Boot
FIT // True to size with a wide toe box. Same fit as Jedburgh™.

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Ballistic Trainers™

Functional Fitness Trainers with 3X Support™ and 3X Stability for All Three (3) of Your Arches

The new standard in functional fitness footwear with a focus on stability, backed by proven science of proper under foot support. Breathable and flexible in the forefoot, tough and stable in the midfoot to heel.

UPPER // Ballistic Nylon + Engineered Knit
MIDSOLE // Gradient Density™ EVA
OUTSOLE // Triple Compound Rubber
PROFILE // Low Top Trainer
FIT // About a half size larger than other athletic trainers (big-brands tend to run narrow).

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