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We took the best of workwear blue jeans - the toughness, the simplicity - and chose a tough as nails 2-way stretch fabric that dries lightning fast. They’ve got a curved waistband for a better fit — when you move, they move with you.

Now in a thicker weight ToughDry fabric for more warmth.

Primary Features

  • Tough and simple
  • Thicker for more warmth (187 GSM vs 125 GSM)
  • Great for cold weather rucking
  • More drab than standard ToughDry
  • Fits like your favorite pair of jeans
  • Back pockets and finished belt loops
  • Fast drying, abrasion resistant, two-way stretch fabric
  • Horizontal pockets so stuff doesn't fall out
  • Curved waistband for better fit
  • Made in USA: Compare our pricing and performance to other brands made overseas with huge margins on top of many middlemen and this piece would cost 3x what it does now. Welcome to building the best in the United States of America.


Simple Pants
Simple Pants
Simple Pant
Simple Pants

Simple Pants



  • ToughDry® fabric is fast-drying, abrasion resistant and features two-way stretch, 94% nylon, 6% spandex
  • Care instructions: Wear often, wash in a sink in a hotel in the middle of nowhere when you must. Or, machine wash cold, infrequently, wherever you are. Do not heat dry to preserve fabric's water repellency.


The Story Behind the Pants

I used to wear blue jeans all the time. They’re great, they’re rugged, you can wear them anywhere worth going. The problem is, they don’t stretch and they don’t dry, and for whatever reason when it rains and when I sweat my jeans get wet and they stay wet, call me crazy. So I upgraded to GORUCK Simple Pants, our original version that weigh nothing, as in zero, rounded up. They stretch, they dry lightning fast, I love them and wear them every day in Florida.


Then Em and I fell for the trap to go to Iceland where some Viking God decided long ago no doubt it could rain even if it was zero degrees, so that’s how it is, and you freeze your ass off and I hate that. Freezing my ass off in some bone shivering cold, that is. Been there done that not a fan. But my 501’s didn’t stretch, still, and when it rained, which was always, they got wet. And then they stayed wet — not fun, no thanks.

So the Heavy Simple Pants, well, there’s a little more warmth than our originals. They also dry fast and all that fun stuff, just with a little extra weight and a little less sheen for wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing or wherever you live that might not be on the equator.



Scars Lifetime Guarantee

We use premium fabrics and premium threads and we reinforce zippers and take additional steps in construction to ensure that our apparel thrives during a lifetime of abuse. It’s never meant for a landfill and we don’t build it with that in mind. We believe if you buy something for one season, you can wear it all the seasons of your life.


We’ll happily patch up any holes or reinforce any stitching to keep you on your way in our Built in the USA GORUCK Apparel. If you’re actually able to wear our apparel out and we cannot repair it, we will replace it, free of charge. Don’t think of this as a pure replacement program, think of this as a repair program. We build the best and want it to last forever, with you.


Massive fire damage and mutilation are not covered as a matter of policy, but it’s always a conversation. If an ember from a Colorado campfire sparks your direction and then there’s a hole, we’ll happily patch it up, free of charge. If you send us a pile of ashes, that’s a slightly different story. If you share that story, we’ll get you back in action at a discount.

And we’ll send you a note of congratulations and do 50 push-ups, in your honor.



Measurements refer to actual garment dimensions. Garment may shrink slightly after first wash. Follow care instructions to ensure minimal shrinking.

Additional Info
0.75 LBS
Made in USA:
Scars Guarantee:
94% nylon, 6% spandex
Gram weight:
187 GSM
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, only non chlorine bleach when needed, hang dry.
Beltloop width:
Beltloop length:
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