Sandbags - 80LB
Sandbags - 80LB
Sandbags - 80LB
Sandbags - 80LB
Sandbags - 80LB
Sandbags - 80LB
Sandbags - 80LB
Sandbags - 80LB

Sandbags - 80LB

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Do the Work, Anywhere.

Getting stronger doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Load a training sandbag up and do the work in your garage, park, front yard, or anywhere you damn well please.

  • Heavy duty padded handles, proudly NOT rubberized
  • Double pass stitching at every seam
  • Box X stitch reinforced handles
  • 28 bartacks with 42 stitches per bartack
  • Silent zipper pulls
  • Filler Bags included (Note: Filler Bags do not include sand)
Specs + Materials
  • 1000D CORDURA®
  • The burliest, sturdiest YKK zippers money can buy
  • 80lb sandbag - 10.25" Diameter x 32" Length
Filler Bag Instructions

Intended to pair with Filler Bags to protect the YKK Zippers from excessive abrasion.

  1. Fill the Filler Bag(s) up with sand, dirt, pea gravel, etc.
  2. Place Filler Bag(s) in GORUCK Sandbag
  3. Close the Sandbag’s YKK zipper all the way shut
  4. Get to work.
Cleaning + Maintenance

Turn inside out and spray down with a hose and soapy water, removing sand and debris from especially the YKK Zippers. Apply ZipCare to the entire zipper chain, run the zipper up and down it a few times, then hang to air dry.

GORUCK Sandbags come with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. Abuse them properly with Filler Bags, and don’t drag them for a mile on concrete. Yes, we tried that, too.

Note: Do NOT use as a slam bag, especially on concrete.

The Toughest Sandbags Ever Built

Tested + Proven

Heavy Duty Padded Handles

Durable, padded handles test your grip strength but won’t tear your hands up. They are positioned all over to facilitate different angles and movements. They are also proudly NOT rubberized which break and you’ll hate a rubber handle when it's on your back putting weird pressure on your neck and back. 

Superior Construction

Double pass stitching at every seam (this requires two passes with a sewing machine), box stitch reinforcement at the handles, 28 bartacks with 42 stitches per bartack - our sandbags have more stitches and stronger seams than any other on the market.

Special Forces Grade Materials

Built with 1000D CORDURA® and the burliest, sturdiest YKK zippers that money can buy. You don’t really want to hear those zipper heads clanging against each other over and over and over again during your workout, do you? We don’t either. We want to hear Metallica on full blast, not metal zipper heads.

Sandbag + Ruck Training

Put Your Sandbag to Work

Join the GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training Program. Our workouts are simple (but not easy), scalable to all abilities, and you can do them anywhere.

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