Monster Dog Leash

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Made in USA

Most Dog leashes are excessively thick. Our six-foot leash, built out of military-grade webbing, folds down into practically nothing. It takes up next to no space in your pocket when your best friend is running around off leash.

Less is more and more is lazy and Rule #1 matters all the time and it clearly states Always Look Cool.


The Best Dog Gear According to Men's Health

"Leave it up to a company run by dog-loving ex-Special Forces guys to design a leash that—like military gear—is light, indestructible, and packable."

Clearly. If you’re carrying around a brick with a handle attached to a cord and/or it retracts and/or there’s a spot to hold 100 rolls of plastic bags then your leash sucks.

We use the same style clip as you would use to attach a sling to your rifle in war. It’s superior and it does not corrode like the ‘THIS LEASH SUCKS’ variety, which involves unnecessary complexity.

And when your Monster is off leash, this is all you have to worry about. Just put it in your pocket because holding a leash isn't nearly as much fun without your best friend attached. Have fun stuffing 'THIS LEASH SUCKS' in your pocket.

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