Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Green + Coyote
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Green + Coyote
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Green + Coyote
Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Green + Coyote

Jedburgh Rucking Boots - Mid Top - Green + Coyote

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Operation Jedburgh

The objective of the Jedburgh teams was to assist allied forces who invaded France in June 1944 via sabotage and guerrilla warfare. They also led local resistance forces in disrupting actions against the Nazis.

The Jedburgh program’s motto, “Surprise, kill, and vanish,” neatly encapsulated its mission to organize, train, and lead French resistance groups against German targets. Their teams parachuted into France to work closely with partisans to sabotage enemy facilities.

The History Behind Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots


Deception Canvas™

It's not actually canvas. Our new Deception material is recycled polyester woven tight to create a vintage canvas look. It's tougher, dries faster and happens to be eco-friendly.

Deception at play.

NEW // Deception Canvas™ Compared to 12 oz. Cotton Duck Canvas

3X Stronger

Deception Canvas™ is significantly more abrasion resistant than traditional canvas with a much higher tensile strength and three (3) times greater tear strength aka it's made to perform.

Dries 5X Faster

After being submerged in water, traditional canvas takes five (5) times longer to dry and more than doubles in weight. Deception Canvas™ hates water - inherently hydrophobic with a wax finish - and doesn't absorb a drop.

Retains Shape

Just like traditional canvas, Deception Canvas™ develops a rich patina over time and only looks better with age. However, Deception Canvas™ doesn't stretch out and your Jedburgh's will retain their shape no matter how many miles you put under them.


Built on the MACV-1™ Platform

Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots feature an all-new, versatile performance upper on the same solid foundation of our classic rucking boot - MACV-1™.

They both share the same durable, yet lightweight EVA midsole and all-terrain outsole that thrives in all kinds of terrain.

3X Support™

You have 3 arches in your foot... not just one. Support is foundational to all GORUCK footwear and Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots are built to support all three (3) of your arches.

A-B // Anterior Transverse Arch
B-C // Lateral Longitudinal Arch
A-C // Medial Longitudinal Arch

Proven at the GORUCK Challenge

The Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots continue the legacy of MACV-1™ - proven over thousands of miles at the toughest endurance events in the world. No matter how much the Cadre throw at you, you want your boots to support you every step of the way and you want them to never fail.

GORUCK Footwear Compared


Rucking Boots with a Versatile Performance Upper That Looks Good Anywhere

Deception Canvas™ upper performs in any environment - inspired by the broad spectrum of mission requirements of the Jedburgh teams of WWII. Built on the tested and proven MACV-1™ platform.

UPPER // Deception Canvas™
MIDSOLE // Lightweight EVA
OUTSOLE // Dual Compound All-Terrain Rubber
PROFILE // 6" Boot
FIT // True to size with a wide toe box. Same fit as MACV-1™.

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Rucking Boots for Combat, Travel and Anyone Who Lives on Their Feet

Classic leather boots - inspired by Vietnam-era jungle boots, modernized to be lighter and more supportive for today’s all-terrain requirements of traveling, training, rucking - and assaulting. Made for people who demand a lot of their feet.

UPPER // Challenge Leather™ or Suede
MIDSOLE // Lightweight EVA
OUTSOLE // Dual Compound All-Terrain Rubber
PROFILE // 6" or 8" Boot
FIT // True to size with a wide toe box. Same fit as Jedburgh™.

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Ballistic Trainers™

Functional Fitness Trainers with 3X Support™ and 3X Stability for All Three (3) of Your Arches

The new standard in functional fitness footwear with a focus on stability, backed by proven science of proper under foot support. Breathable and flexible in the forefoot, tough and stable in the midfoot to heel.

UPPER // Ballistic Nylon + Engineered Knit
MIDSOLE // Gradient Density™ EVA
OUTSOLE // Triple Compound Rubber
PROFILE // Low Top Trainer
FIT // About a half size larger than other athletic trainers (big-brands tend to run narrow).

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