Patch - Biohazard Sprint Series (DIY Star Course)

Patch - Biohazard Sprint Series (DIY Star Course)

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Your opportunity to earn a Star Course patch — while obeying social distancing new norms, in your city. We believe it’s vital to get outside and move, even more so during stressful times.

Download the 5k, 10k or 15k hit list for your city that can be found here. Think of the lists as waypoints in a scavenger hunt that comprise your route. You are free to do the events anytime, day or night. If your town is on full lockdown and this is not possible right now, do it when you can. You can earn these anytime, at a minimum, during April and May. If the quarantine lasts longer, so will the timeline. We’ll keep adapting with you. Mileage and completion is on the honor system. Bonus, for bragging rights, share a pic with us on social @goruck.

This patch was designed and voted on by the community. Credit to Ruck ICT for this wining design.

NOTE: Not all cities have a hit list. If you would like to create your own hit list for your city, pick the waypoints and fill out this form and start rucking!