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We travel, we ruck, we sweat, and sometimes we do flutter kicks in the ocean. We’ve mastered a million ways to make a dry shirt wet. But we want to be dry again before we crack our first beer, and we’re still wearing the same shirt.

The problem with cotton shirts is they absorb moisture like a bath towel that never dries, but at least they’re soft. The problem with performance shirts is they’re shiny like clown shoes, but at least they dry fast.

We wanted both: fast drying, and soft. With no sheen, and plenty of toughness, GORUCK style.

The American Polo is a performance shirt, comfortable in any and every environment imaginable — built in the USA to Special Forces life or death quality standards.



  • Tough365® fabric is four-way stretch performance polyester infused with nylon for added toughness
  • Fits and feels like your favorite shirt, only it dries faster and breaks less
  • Soft like cotton with nylon's strength and polyester’s wrinkle-resistance
  • Performs better than cotton in warm weather - doesn't absorb moisture, it wicks it away
  • Short-sleeved Athletic fit
  • Off-shoulder seams for added comfort under ruck straps
  • Performance collar for sun/cold protection
  • Subtle GORUCK spearhead on the bottom seam
  • Made in USA: Compare our pricing and performance to other brands made overseas with huge margins on top of many middlemen and this piece would cost 3x what it does now. Welcome to building the best in the United States of America




  • Tough365® fabric is breathable, abrasion resistant and features four-way stretch
  • 7% nylon, 93% polyester
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, do not bleach, hang dry.
  • Note: Fabric feels soft when worn, don’t underestimate its toughness.

Scars 6 Month Apparel Guarantee

Up to 6 months: We’ll repair or replace (at our Scars team’s discretion) your GORUCK Built in the USA apparel for free. No matter how many Challenges you do, no matter how much you abuse them. We stand behind what we build.

After 6 months: Defects in materials or workmanship will continue to be replaced or repaired at our discretion. Excessive abuse will be repaired for a reasonable fee. We define reasonable by saying we’re not in the business of making enemies. We define excessive by saying it can’t survive a Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo sword or bullets or probably some of the other things we haven’t heard of yet that you’ll subject it to.

The bottom line: We’ve spent two and a half years testing GORUCK apparel at our Challenges and it holds up. You can pay less for cheaper stuff that will fail – brand whatever pants and the seams will bust and then you’ll buy another cheap pair that maybe even costs a lot of money. And the cycle continues. We believe in building the best and we believe scars are character and should be repaired, not replaced. The best things in life get better with time.


Fits just like our Tri-blend Graphic Tees

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Made in USA:
Scars Guarantee:
6 months
93% Polyester, 7% Nylon
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, do not bleach, hang dry

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