Ruck The Box: Sacramento, CA 10/12/2019 13:30

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Event Overview

Date & Time

Saturday, October 12, 2019 13:30

You will complete at least 10km of walking during the Ingress XM Anomaly, within the anomaly playbox, with 10-20 lbs of weight and within time parameters set by event Cadre (about 3 hours).


  1. At least 10 lbs of pure weight, plus whatever you need for the day in a backpack. We suggest trying 20 lbs for an extra challenge (the weight standard for most GORUCK events).
  2. Water
  3. Distance tracker app to show distance rucked that day (every participant must have this)
  4. A team (ask your anomaly POC to be put on a RtB team - minimum 2 agents, maximum 8)
  5. A commitment to walk the event during specified anomaly hours
  6. Show up at the start point on time for roll call with your team or buddy. No one rucks alone

Participants will arrive at the start point (within the anomaly playbox) to begin 1 hr prior to the anomaly start. Designated GORUCK POC or Cadre will give a brief intro on rucking, take attendance, and check that requirements are met. You will assemble with your team and roll out with plenty of time to get to where you want to be at the first measurement.

Play the anomaly as usual! And don't forget to move. You will walk at least 10km during the event.

30 minutes after the last anomaly measurement, you will meet back at the start point with your team and GORUCK POC. You will show your distance tracking app with at least 10km of rucking to earn the exclusive Ruck the Box patch. The team that rucks the most distance during the anomaly will receive a special patch at the end.

Start time subject to change according to Niantic anomaly start time.

Your Cadre
Your Team
GORUCK Events are not about you, and coordination with your team is key to success and having a good time.
Specs & Materials
Event Type:
Ruck The Box
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Sacramento, California
United States
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