Be Ready for Anything.

All-Terrain Rucking Shoes

Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces training and the Mackall™ is an off-road rucking machine. Maximum versatility and maximum support in a low top trail shoe named in honor of Camp Mackall, the home of Special Forces training.


Rucking. Obstacle courses. Tank trails. Airfield Runs.

The Proving Grounds of Special Forces

Every Special Forces soldier since 1962 has trained at Camp Mackall, where they become masters of chaos and the basics and learn to be ready for anything.

Maximum Versatility
Ready for Anything

Rucking the kinds of heavy weights you ruck at Camp Mackall (up to 125#) requires maximum support from your footwear. All the weight takes its toll over time and distance. The other demands of tank trail running and an obstacle course, and living on your feet, meant that you have to be ready for anything. Lighter footwear is better than heavier and drainage is the only way your feet will survive.

Maximum Support
Built to Ruck

The Mackall™ trail shoe is an off-road rucking machine built on the MACV-2™ boot platform. Special Forces grade materials, triple-stitched stress points, a rugged EVA midsole and aggressive outsole that thrives in all kinds of terrain.

Camp Mackall

Home of the Airborne During WWII

Originally named Camp Hoffman, the facility was renamed to Camp Mackall on February 8, 1943 in honor of Private John Thomas Mackall. Tommy Mackall was one of the first paratroopers killed in the Allied invasion of North Africa during Operation Torch, the US Army’s first major airborne operation.