Boss Monster

You see this guy? People call him Jason, he’s the CEO of GORUCK. That’s fine and all, but he works for me. I’m the President and I work for you, GORUCK Nation. You’re the toughest boss (strength in numbers), as you should be. I keep this "company" called GORUCK true to its grassroots beginning and I make sure that we do right by people (that means you). When you think of us, I want you to smile.

A lesser man would crumble in my boots.

My greatest fear is a boring life, we don’t believe in that for you or for us. So we Monsterfy three stories at GORUCK. To "Monsterfy" means we take something that exists without me and we make it more fun, with me. I'm cute, you'll love it, lick lick.



We design, test, and manufacture tough gear in the USA. Some say it’s the toughest gear on the planet, we don’t disagree. Our original rucksack is GR1. We proudly over-build it, like everything else.It’s simple, it works. But still, nobody wants to buy a thing, we all want to believe in a story. So we Monsterfy it because I have plenty of stories, look into my eyes you can’t miss them. Are you smiling yet? GR1 is at least 400X as interesting next to me as it is by itself. It’s a fact. SHOP ALL GEAR.


The Rucking Revolution ties everything we do together. It’s best done with friends, like all the best things in life. Walking’s not enough and running sucks. So I ruck, we ruck. There are millions of us who ruck all over the world. I like to earn my steak dinner, I like to sleep well, I like smiles and miles. I’m human like that. If you’re new to GORUCK, if you’re new to rucking, start with 20 lbs on your back. And if you have a Monster in your life, bring the Monster in your life. LEARN MORE.


If you wanna be awesome, you gotta do awesome. Take your rucking, take your fitness, take your life to the next level. I was a scared pup before my first GORUCK Challenge. The miles, the no sleep, the weight. But it was worth it. When I see you at one of them, I’ll lick you some encouragement when you need it most, and I’ll buy ya a beer or whatever you’re drinking, when you have successfully earned your finisher’s patch, which will never be for sale. FIND AN EVENT.