Marcus Filly

Marcus Filly is the creator, founder, and CEO of Functional Bodybuilding. He is a 6x CrossFit Games athlete (2016 12th fittest) and has decades of experience coaching and designing both individual and group training programs. Marcus has an extensive training background and has also competed in baseball, golf, and Division 1 collegiate soccer.

Marcus’s passion for helping others live healthy lives led him partway through medical school until he turned his career focus to coaching. After the peak of his competitive CrossFit career, suffering from burnout and injury, he developed training that blends bodybuilding methods with functional movements to help others look good and move well - with a focus on longevity, strength, and aesthetics. His online fitness and nutrition programs are enjoyed by participants around the world. He also hosts the Look Good Move Well podcast. Marcus lives in Novato, CA with his wife, Megan, and two daughters.

Favorite Workout:


Row 1k

50 Thrusters 45lb

30 Pull Ups

Advice To Your Younger Self:

Choose your relationships carefully and invest deeply in the ones that matter most to you.

What’s On Top Of Your Rucking Playlist:

Diary of a CEO

Modern Wisdom Podcast

Audible Books

Favorite Beer / Coffee Order:

Ristretto Shot or Single-origin V60 pour over