Waxed Woodland

Waxed Woodland


The U.S. Woodland Camo pattern was the default camouflage pattern issued to United States Armed Forces from 1981 until its replacement in the mid 2000’s. Since the camouflage was issued to soldiers in 1981, the pattern was unofficially known as “M81”.

As a nod to our military roots, we are proud to draw inspiration from the iconic Woodland Camo for our new collection. We complement this by building our collection out of the beloved fabric of the Greatest Generation - waxed canvas - that has been tested and proven over time and military might.


Fast forward to the 1980s

The U.S. needed a new camouflage for the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform). The US Armed Forces decided to take the ERDL (used during the Vietnam War mainly by Special Operations and Long Range Reconnaissance) and refine it to match the US shift in moving away from extremely up-close fighting like in Vietnam, to far, longer-range fighting that was potentially going to happen in Europe.

developing m81

The ERDL print was enlarged and the splotches were reconfigured to be more irregular. Thus, the woodland pattern was created. This ended up being the ideal camouflage uniform for the invasions of Grenada in 1983, and Panama in 1989.


Woodland Camo became the first true camouflage to be adopted by all branches of the United States military. The camo was so effective that more than two dozen countries around the world adopted some sort of variation of their own.