Emily Rolfe

Emily Rolfe (AKA Engine-M) is a 5-Time CrossFit Games Athlete and a full-time medical Radiographer from Vancouver, Canada.

Emily grew up in Kamloops, B.C, where she started out her sports career playing volleyball, basketball, and cross-country running. However, Emily found her calling as a gymnast and competed at national and international competitions. Emily studied biology at Thompson Rivers University before moving to The British Columbia Institute of Technology to complete her medical radiology diploma. It was in British Columbia that Emily discovered CrossFit; the perfect mix of her gymnastics and competitive sports backgrounds, Emily quickly caught on and began to make a name for herself in the sport.

Favorite Workout:

Anything long and grindy with a bit of running.

Advice To Your Younger Self:

Trust that the work will pay off. The process is intentional.

What’s On Top Of Your Rucking Playlist:

Anything country, Luke Combs is the current favorite

Favorite Beer / Coffee Order:

A plain latte.