APRIL 24-27, 2025


GORUCK Events and Botanika Presents
4-Day, 3-Night Retreat in Costa Rica with Michael Easter - MISOGI Edition

The Misogi Retreat is a deep dive into the art and science of breaking new boundaries in the body and mind. Participants will take on an epic jungle Misogi adventure led by Michael Easter, the global thought leader on the benefits of doing hard things, in a place that National Geographic called “the most biologically intense place on earth.”

A Misogi is a modern recreation of an ancient practice. It's the act of deeply challenging yourself in nature, and it was used until recently across cultures to help people build an unbeatable mind. Beyond the lessons of your Misogi, over the week you'll learn other new practices you can take home to improve your resilience and performance across the board.

The rules of Misogi.

Rule 1: Make it really hard.
Rule 2: Don't die.

— Michael Easter

Michael Easter is an author, professor, and adventurer. His work has appeared in over 60 countries and can also be found in Men’s Journal, New York, Vice, Scientific American, Esquire, andothers. He lives in Las Vegas on the edge of the desert with his wife and two dogs. If you want to read more, subscribe to his newsletter and read his book, The Comfort Crisis.


You’ll explore virgin rainforests, surrounded by 463 species of birds, 140 mammals, and more than 700 species of trees. Forms of transportation include boats, kayaks, swimming, and of course, your feet with a rucksack on your back. The sounds of howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, and waterfalls become the soundtrack as we push on the boundaries of life.


You’ll have five-star accommodations at the Botanika Resort, Osa Peninsula, including local cuisine prepared by world-class chefs, and other luxuries in this part of the world: hot showers, A/C, and warm beds. The sounds of the rainforest are all around, making it a hell of a place to recover and refit for the next day, after an honest day’s adventure.

You can expect to eat plenty of breakfast and dinner at Botanika each day (at varying times) — lunch will be offsite.

Note: Family and friends are welcome to join you. If they’re not into Misogis, Botanika has a multitude of adventures they might find more suitable, and a world-class pool on site. They can join you at breakfast and dinner every day along with other on-resort activities.


You must be able to swim half a mile (.9km) and have experience carrying weight over time and distance. A 12 Mile Ruck with 45/30lbs in under 3:30 is a good baseline test for you to pass.


You’re not supposed to know it all - additional details not forthcoming.

DAY 0 // April 24

5PM - Welcome Session with Q&A by Michael Easter, followed by local cuisine*

DAY 1 // April 25

  • Mobility / Yoga Class*
  • Water Exposure x Beach Ruck
  • Waterproofing Class
  • Fish Preparation Class
  • Sandbag Training, Speed & Strength, with Michael Easter
  • Mind Session with Michael Easter*

DAY 2 // April 26

  • Mobility / Yoga Class*
  • Boat Tour to Golfo Dulce (swim to shore)
  • Jungle Familiarity (waterfall hike with local naturalists and regional experts)
  • Mind Session with Michael Easter*

DAY 3 // April 27

  • Hike / Ruck through Corcovado National Park with Local Guides and Experts (including the global thought leader in jaguars)
  • Additional Misogi Activities
  • Celebration Dinner & Misogi After Party*
  • Patch Ceremony and Concluding Remarks from Michael Easter*

Note: The hike will have different ability groups to accommodate varying paces.

*Denotes activities available to both participants & guests.

Your retreat is entirely customizable and we encourage you to extend your stay beyond the outlined activities, especially if joined by family or friends. Botánika offers a truly immersive coastal rainforest experience with a host of guided eco-adventures on land and sea.


Limited to 20 Participants


PARTICIPANT FEE // Misogi Seekers

  • 4 Night Stay at Botanika Resort
  • 3 Meals Per Day
  • Domestic Transfers
  • Welcome Session
  • Morning Mobility / Yoga Classes
  • Michael Easter Speaking Sessions
  • Workouts with Michael Easter
  • Off-site Activities & Classes
  • Misogi Adventure
  • Misogi After Party

$3749.50 deposit due at time of registration. You must pay in full by January 24, 2025 to secure your spot.


PER ADDITIONAL GUEST // Family & Friends

  • 4 Night Stay at Botanika Resort
  • 3 Meals Per Day
  • Domestic Transfers
  • Welcome Session
  • Morning Mobility / Yoga Classes
  • On-site Speaking Sessions & Workouts with Michael Easter
  • Misogi After Party

Guests will have access to all on-site activities, but they will not be able to participate in off-site activities.