We want to build rucking centric communities on the backbone of gyms, clubs and training groups by organizing group rucks and getting people to become more active in general. Everyone can ruck, it’s fun and brings people together. Social Fitness.


We want to build the sport of rucking from the ground up and we need your help. Without the help of gyms and clubs, we wouldn’t be where we are today. What does that mean? You will be rewarded to do what you already do - rucking and bringing more people to GORUCK events.

How Does it Work?

  1. Complete our form and provide us with a logo for your gym or organized training club.
  2. Review this document. Someone from HQ will be reaching out to you to chat on the phone and see if you have any questions on rucking and to provide you with some tips.
  3. After the call with a member from HQ, the owner of the gym/club will need to register for a GORUCK Challenge. We believe the best way to get to know GORUCK is through a Challenge, so once we have confirmation of the owner’s registration, your status as a "GORUCK Preferred Training Partner" will go into effect.
    • One free entry provided to the gym owner.

    • Our Challenges are like a 6-pack, best when shared with friends, so make sure to invite all your members to join you and to use your 25% off discount code.
    • To help recruit, you can download a brochure here.
  4. After the owner/organizer comlpletes their Tough, we will:
    • Send you a discount code for 25% off Lights,Toughs, and/or Heavies for your members.
      • For every 20 usages of this code, we will provide you with 5 free events (Lights/Toughs).
    • Provide you with specially priced GORUCK Preferred Training Partner gear bundles.
    • Mail you a welcome package with a GORUCK Preferred Training Partner banner, stickers and brochures.
    • Add you to our partner page and all event pages where you are located.
  5. That’s it! You are now a GORUCK Preferred Training Partner. Now get out there and ruck.

Rules and Requirements

  • Rucking is for everyone, so we require that you hold a ruck/rucking WOD at least once a month (you can have more, we know you will want to).
  • We will be adding you to our community page, so in order for people to find you, you will need to have an active Facebook/website.
  • We would love to see how your rucking is going, so we require that you post a photo of your rucks each month and tag GORUCK.
    • These can be photos of your ruck WOD, a group ruck from your gym or both.
  • You cannot post your code publicly or we will have to shut it down. What is publicly? Anything that can be seen by people other than your members. If you have someone sign up without a code, sorry we can’t count it.

Tips for Success

  • When you hold a group ruck, keep it simple. The goal is to get people to start rucking, so adding logs and a ton of PT can turn some people off.
  • Sharing a positive story from your event and why you had such a great time will help your members to get off the fence and sign up.
  • Posting photos and/or video of your group rucks or rucking WODs will be very helpful to remove some of the mystery of these types of events.


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