BFF Test Pro Tips from HQ

BFF Test Pro Tips from HQ

We’ve created the new standard in GORUCK PT. The GORUCK Baseline Functional Fitness Test (aka BFF Test) is similar to the Army PT test and was previewed by our Selection 023 candidates in October 2022. This year’s Selection Candidates and GORUCK Games athletes will take on the test themselves. Now, we want GORUCK Nation to give it their best shot. This test is meant to serve as a way to check in with yourself and your fitness goals.

We’ve received a couple of questions on the different events of the BFF Test. We’re here to help break it down a bit, and give you some pro tips to perform as best as you can.

We would also like to start collecting some scores to see how GORUCK Nation is doing! Once you've finished your test, head over and order your patch HERE.



Whether you’re completing the 1 Miler with 100lbs on your back, or 20lbs, the important thing is making sure you meet the weight requirements. You can either stuff it all in your ruck or split the weight between your ruck and sandbag. Doesn’t matter how you get there, just pick what is right for you and reach the weight.


First thing: do NOT use your ruck. This event is meant to test yourself on your speed. To be the most successful, you have to make sure your gear is set up right. 

Start with the handles on your Sandbag 2.0 facing up towards you, pull up and throw the sandbag right over your head. When you hear the thud on the ground behind you that = 1 count. Overall, this event is supposed to be really simple to judge, don’t overthink it or make it harder on yourself.

If you have a Simple Sandbag:

The main difference between the Simple Sandbag and our Sandbag 2.0 is that you won’t have handles wrapped all around the sandbag. But that’s not a problem. The main trick to this: get into the cadence of recognizing how the sandbag is going to fall and always look for the two handles. You’ll continue to gain efficiency as you learn how to control the sandbag (that comes with more sand training). You’ve got 2 minutes, get after it.


Never do math in public, but the first thing to get done is measure out your 200 meters (100 meters out, and back). Since a suitcase carry is an asymmetrical load, it’s great for your core. This is a true test of being able to stabilize yourself, while having a weight on your back.

If you have a Simple Sandbag, check out the video for the ideal way to carry it for this event.


Who doesn’t love push-ups?! We added this event into our test for two reasons: 1. The Army went to hand release push-ups for their newest PT test, so naturally we adopted this for our test. 2. When you’re rucking or carrying a heavier load on your back, upper body strength is crucial, hence the reason this test exists.

Hand release push-ups are a lot easier to grade than classic push-ups. Once your chest touches the ground and you raise your hands, that is one count. Simple.


Our 25L Rucker 4.0 can be packed out any which way you like. It has 2 plate pockets that can hold a 45lb and 30lb Ruck Plate simultaneously. Add in a Simple Sandbag or Kettlebell, and you can get your ruck to weigh up to 100.0lbs. Now, of course you don’t need to carry that much weight on your back every time you’re going out for a casual ruck. But if your goal is to go for that 100lb 1-miler, pack your ruck efficiently.


Print out your BFF Test scorecard and get to work.