CHAD 1000X Nutrition

CHAD 1000X Nutrition

By Dr. Mike Roussell

CHAD 1000X is coming up and for many people (myself included) completing 1000 steps consecutively in one workout is a stretch both physically and mentally. It is important to train appropriately leading up to CHAD 1000X but nutrition can also give you an extra performance edge to make your training payoff even more. Here are some strategies for you to put into play both before and after the workout. 

Before You Start

Before you start CHAD 1000X, here are some tips that you can use (either all of them or choose what suits you best) to boost your step ups.

Start Hydrated

This is such a simple step to performing at your best - avoid being under hydrated. This doesn’t mean chugging 20oz of water before you start, but instead pay special attention to ensure that you are drinking enough water leading up to the day that you are going to do CHAD 1000X. Your base hydration template should be: water with every meal and one large glass of water between meals.

Fueling Your Steps 

CHAD 1000X takes roughly an hour to complete. This puts it in the gray zone for fueling. As a general rule, you don’t need extra carbs to fuel activities that last 60 minutes or less. However, if you are pushing your limits, swishing a swig of your favorite sports drink can give you a little extra boost (even if you spit it out!). The receptors in your mouth will sense the sugar in the sports drink and send good vibes up to your brain. This mind trick will make it easier for you to push harder for longer. 

Get Caffeinated 

CHAD 1000X is a great mix of strength and endurance because of this caffeine is the perfect adjunct to help you PR this year. Research shows that 250-400mg of caffeine (regular to extra large coffee or your favorite energy drink scaled to the preferred level of caffeine) taken 45-60 minutes before you start exercising will enhance maximum endurance and vigilance. When using caffeine to support physical performance it is important not to overdue it to avoid any performance hindering caffeine related jitters.

Boost Blood Flow

Your muscles will be working overtime like pistons stepping up and down 1000 times. We want to maximize the blood that can be pumped to and from your muscles. The more oxygen and nutrients that blood can deliver to your muscles , the better you will be able to continually step up at max speed. Eating nitrate rich foods like spinach (as little as 2 handfuls) or beets (1.5 cups) 90 minutes prior to starting CHAD 1000X can help support stamina levels by increasing the production of a compound called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes your blood vessels to expand, supporting maximum blood flow. If you don’t like beets or would like something easy to mix into some water or a beverage, 6g of citrillune malate has been shown to increase exercise capacity via similar pathways in the body.

Once You Finish

Now that you’ve completed your 1,000 step ups what can you do to support recovery?

Dealing with Soreness

1,000 Step-ups probably isn’t part of your normal workout routine. As a result, CHAD 1000X can cause increased DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Calling in foods rich in antioxidants for reinforcements can help reduce levels of soreness that you’d otherwise feel in the upcoming days. The most clinically proven solution is 8oz of tart cherry juice but 2 cups of wild blueberries should also do the trick. 

Crack One Open for Chad

As we talked about previously, a post Ruck/WOD beer is hydrating and doesn’t negatively impact recovery that much. So make sure to have a cooler full of Coors Light (Chad’s favorite) to share in his honor and memory. 

If you are concerned about recovery, a whey protein shake can take the edge off alcohol’s ability to blunt muscle growth and repair. The protein shake will also jumpstart the much needed process of muscle rebuilding to repair all the muscle fibers you shredded during the workout.

Dr. Mike is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting health. He holds a degree in biochemistry from Hobart College and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University. In addition, having published over 500 articles on health and nutrition, Dr. Mike has authored and/or served as the consulting nutritionist for 10 books about health, nutrition, and performance. He’s been a member of our GORUCK community since 2014 when he participated in several GORUCK Challenges and a part of GORUCK Tribe since its inception.