7.31.23 "SEE YOU LADDER"
Complete for time:
Sandbag Power Cleans
Sandbag Step-up & Overs
7.29.23 "LILI"
4 Rounds:
10 SB Clean & Jerk
15 Ruck Overhead Sit-ups
20 SB Bent Over Rows
250m SB Zercher Carry
7.28.23 "BERTHA"
20 Ruck Push-ups
40 Ruck Russian Twists 
60ft Ruck Bear Crawl 
80 Ruck Lunges (total)
1000m Ruck Run/Walk
80 Ruck Lunges (total)
60ft Ruck Bear Crawl
40 Ruck Russian Twists 
20 Ruck Push-ups 
7.27.23 "GUSTAV"
15min AMRAP:
5 Ruck Burpee Pull-Ups or Burpee Bent Over Row
10 50ft Shuttle Runs (25ft down & back)
*add 5 burpee pull-ups after each round
7.25.23 "DIANA"
10 Rounds:
10 SB Thrusters
10 SB Facing Burpees 
10 V- Ups


7.24.23 "ISIDORE"

100 KB Swings
*every time you break perform:
45sec Plank Hold
10 KB Goblet Squats 


7.22.23 "OGRE"

50 Medball Ground To Overhead For Time 

Standard  60# / 40# 

Heavy 100# / 80# 

Spice it up by wearing a Ruck or Weight Vest 

7.21.23 “Sins of Our Fathers” 

10 Rounds: 

100’  Zercher Carry 

10 SB Deadlifts 

5 SB Burpees 

100’  Farmer Carry 

Standard Sandbag 60# / 40# 

Heavy Sandbag 100# / 80# 



7.20.23 "5 MILE RUCK" 

5 Mile Ruck Increasing Pace 60 sec each mile 

(Pace yourself, if you go out too fast on the first mile, you’ll really pay for it later.)

Ruck or Vest 30# / 20# 

7.18.23 “Strong Shoulders, Strong Mind” 

6 Rounds:

5 SB Devils Press

10 Hand Release Push Ups

100m SB Burden Carry

Sandbag 60# / 40# 

*Spice it up by adding a  Weight Vest or Ruck

7.17.23 "INVADER"

15 min AMRAP:

5 Medball Bear Hug Squats

50m Medball Bear Hug Carry

*3 Medball Over Shoulder every time you drop the ball 

Spice it up by wearing a  Weight Vest or Ruck

30# / 20#7.15.23 “CANS & KETTLES”

5 Rounds: 

45 sec JC Lateral Hops 

10 KB Single Arm Swings (each arm)

50m JC Farmer Carry

10 KB Skipping Lunges (each leg)

- 2:00 min rest between sets


7.14.23 “PUSH & PRESS”

5 Rounds: 

6 SB Plyo Push-ups (each arm)

10 SB Overhead Press

50m SB Overhead Carry

5 KB Snatch (each arm)

- 2:00 mins rest between sets

7.13.23 “ARE WE DONE YET”

5 Rounds; 

10 SB Lunges (each leg)

7 SB Clean & Press 

40m SB Suitcase Carry (each side)

3 SB Get-ups (each side)

- 2:00 min rest between rounds 


5 Rounds: 

7 MB to shoulder (each side)

12 MB Front Squats

50m MB Stress Carry

- 2:00 min rest between rounds 

7.10.23 “GRIT & GRIP” 

3 Rounds: 

12 SB Deadlift

9 SB Hang Cleans

6 SB Rows 


200m Run  (Sandbag optional)

- 1:30 rest between rounds


7.8.23 “ASSAULT”

100m Bear Crawl (slick/50m down, 50m back)

20 SB Power Cleans

30 SB Plank Pull Throughs (total)

40 Lateral Hops over SB

50m Sprint (down & back, ruck optional)

60 Swings (KB, Ruck or SB)

THEN REPEAT in reverse order, starting with 60 more swings.

7.7.23  “LEGS ON BLAST”

4 Rounds: 

100m Ruck Side Shuffle  (50m down, 50m back)

15 Ruck Static Lunges (ea leg)

15 Ruck 1 & ¼ Squat

15 Ruck Single Leg Deadlifts (ea leg)

Cash Out: Heavy 400m Carry (load up and go!)


2 Rounds:

800m Ruck 

50 Single Leg V-Ups (slick)

25 Plank Ups (slick)

800m Ruck

50 Sit Ups (slick)

1 min Plank Hold (Ruck optional)


 With a partner, complete the following workout. Each of you will do all of the reps. Start every movement together and finish with your 1 miler as fast as possible with your partner. Time your full workout and let us know how you did. No partner gets left behind — United We Ruck.

50- Burpees w/Lateral Hop over Sandbag

13- Sandbag Get Ups

50- Sandbag Back Rack Walking Lunges (each leg)

13- Sandbag Get Ups

50- Sandbag Ground to Overhead

13- Sandbag Get Ups

 Cash Out: 1 mile weighted (Sandbag or Ruck) , CARRYING AN AMERICAN FLAG (AFAP) as fast as possible

 Sandbag weight 60#/40#

*can scale by using ruck instead of sandbag


50 white stars on the American flag representing the 50 States

13 red and white stripes representing the 13 original colonies


Buy In: 50 Push-ups (slick)

6 Rounds:

10 SB Skull Crushers 

10 SB Floor Press

10 SB Strict Overhead Press

10 SB Bicep Curls

10 SB Bent Over Rows

Cash Out: 50 Push-ups (slick)

*Can use ruck instead of sandbag to lighten the load if needed. 



For time:

 Ruck Suitcase Carry

1.5 Miles // 2.4 Kilometers

*Each time you switch hands or rest, you must do 10 squat clean thrusters before you begin the suitcase carry again.

Ruck weight: (Beginner: 20#/10#; Intermediate: 30#/20#; Expert 45#/30#)

Notes: Choose a doable pace that you can sustain for the duration of the carry. 

*First in War, First in Peace, First in the Hearts of his Countrymen–this 555 - foot tall marble obelisk monument was built to honor George Washington, the United States' first president. ~National Park Service