5.29.23 "GORUCK MURPH"

1 Mile Run

100 SB Bent Over Rows (60#/40#)

200 Push Ups

300 Squats 

1 Mile Run

Optional: Wear a Ruck or Weight Vest (20#/14#)


6 Rounds:

20 Mountain Climbers (2 count, slick)

20 Seated Ruck Russian Twist (2 count, 30#/20#)

20 Ruck Leg Raises (30#/20#)

100m Single Arm Overhead Carry (30#/20#)



Sandbag Power Cleans (60#/40#)

Sandbag Push Press (60#/40#)

*200m Suitcase Carry after each set

6.2.23 "TOSS"

10 - 1:

Sandbag Walking Lunges (each) 60#/40#

Sandbag Burpees w/ Overhead Toss (60#/40#)

Sandbag Lateral Toss (60#/40#)

Do 10 reps of each movement, then 9 of each, 8 of each, etc...

6.3.23 "BALLIN"

50 Sand Med Ball Cleans 

400m Med Ball Bear Hug Carry


Pro (100#/80#)


100 KB Swings 

80ft Bear Crawl with KB Drag

60 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

40 Goblet Squats

20 Alternating Hang Clean & Press 


*scale to a weight that is challenging but doable for you

6.5.23 "LEG ENGAGEMENT" by Guest Trainer, Ronald Tortola

Buy in:1 Mile Ruck

4 sets - 10 reps per arm: KB Single Arm OH Reverse Lunges

4 sets - 20 reps: Jerry Can Bearhug Front Lunges

4 sets - 20 reps: Sandbag Deadlifts

4 sets - 20 reps: Sandbag Front Rack Squats

4 sets - 25 reps: Jerry Can OH Flutter kicks (4ct)

Cash Out: 1 Mile Ruck

*complete 4 sets of one exercise before moving on to the next, rest as needed

6.6.23 'THE JERRY CAN"

Buy In:
200m Suitcase Carry

25 min AMRAP:
20 JC Swings
15 JC High Pulls
10 JC Press Leg Raises

Cash Out:
200m Suitcase Carry

JC 55#/45#


Buy In: 2 min or to failure
SB OH Hold

5 Rounds For Time:
10 SB OH Press
10 SB Burpee OH Throw
10 SB Sit-Ups
1 minute Plank

Cash Out: 2 min or to failure
SB OH Hold

Sandbag 60#/40#

6.9.23 "COREFLEX"

Buy In: 200m SB Bearhug Carry

5 Rounds For Time:
20 SB Lateral Toss
20 SB Deadlifts
20 Plank SB Drag
20 Calf Raises

Cash Out: 200m SB Bearhug Carry

SB Standard 60#/40#
SB Heavy 80#/60#

6.10.23 "SANDMAN"

6 Rounds For Time:
20 Sandbag Bent Over Rows
10 Sandbag Thrusters
100M Sandbag Shuffle

SB 60#/40#

6.12.23 "UNLUCKY 7's"

7 Rounds:
7 SB Power Cleans
7 SB Thrusters
7 Burpee Hop Over SB

Sandbag 60#/40#

6.13.23 "BREAK IT DOWN"

20 min AMRAP: 

10 Air Squats

8 Alternating Lunges (each leg)

6 Burpees

Weight Vest 20#/14#

6.15.23 "Up and At'em"

15 min AMRAP:

5 Sandbag Clean & Jerk

20 Sandbag Step Ups (total)

Sandbag 60#/40# 

Weight Vest 20#/14#


20 min EMOM:

4 Sandbag Power Cleans

4 Sandbag Front Squats

4 Sandbag Push Press 

*EMOM= Every minute on the minute you will do 1 round of the 3 exercises

Sandbag 60#/40#


5 Rounds For Time:

400m Run/Ruck

20 Ruck Push-ups

400m Run/Ruck

20 Ruck Squats 

Ruck 30#/20#

6.19.23 "BULLET"

5 Rounds

Minute Stations:

1 min Sandbag Front Toss 

1 min Ruck Russian Twists

1 min Sandbag Hang Clean & Press 

1 min Ruck Pressed Leg Raises 

Sandbag 60#/40#

Ruck 30#/20#

6.20.23 "ACTIVATE"

1 Round For Time:

50 Zercher Squats 

10 Floor Press 

40 Zercher Squats 

20 Floor Press 

30 Zercher Squats 

30 Floor Press

20 Zercher Squats 

40 Floor Press 

10 Zercher Squats 

50 Floor Press 

Sandbag 60#/40#

6.22.23 "PYRAMID"


Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder Press 

Sandbag Deadlifts 

Mountain Climbers 4 ct (slick/unweighted)

Standard Sandbag 60#/40#

Heavy Sandbag 80#/60#

Do 30 reps of each exercise, then 20 reps of each , then 10 and then work your way back up, 20 of each and finish with last round of 30. Mountain Climber will always be a 4 count, so 120, 80, 40, 80, 120.

6.23.23 “PAIN TRAIN”

BUY IN: 1 min Wall Sit w/ Ruck at chest

20 min AMRAP:

5 Sandbag Man Makers

10 Ruck Cossack Squats 

15 Sumo Squat High Pull w/Ruck 

200m Ruck + Sandbag Carry 

CASH OUT: 1 min Wall sit w/ Ruck at  chest

Ruck 30#/20#

Sandbag 60#/40#

6.24.23 “9 EAGLES” 

6 Rounds: 

11 Ruck Push Ups 

11 Ruck Lunges (total)

11 Ruck Overhead Press 

11 Ruck Overhead Squat

11 Ruck Swings

11 Flutter Kicks (4 count, slick)

11 Mountain Climbers (4 count, slick)

11 V-Ups (slick)

11 Ruck Plank Pull Throughs (total) 

101 meter Sandbag Shoulder Carry

101 meter Sandbag Farmer Carry 

Ruck (30#/20#)

Sandbag (60#/40#)

NINE EAGLES MEMORIAL WOD programmed by Cadre Aaron Hand & Nichele Cihlar

On the evening of March 29, 2023, two 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) helicopters crashed in Trigg County, Kentucky.

The crew members, all members of C company 6-101 Aviation Regiment, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, were flying two HH60 Blackhawk helicopters during a routine training mission when the incident occurred. 

6.26.23 “TEDDY”

26 minute AMRAP:

200 meter waiter carry (switch arms at 100 meters)

17 push-ups (slick)

17 ruck flutters (4 count)

17 ruck squats

Ruck weight: (Beginner: 20#/10#; Intermediate: 30#/20#; Expert 45#/30#)

Notes: Go hard, about 90% effort, for one round and then take the one minute rest to recover. This is NOT meant to be done as a straight AMRAP at 75% effort without rest. Take the rest so you can sustain a 90% effort across the entire 26 minutes and really build that engine! 

*Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, thus the AMRAP time of 26 minutes. The statue in the demo video is 17 feet tall, thus the rep scheme.

6.27.23 “ELEANOR”

20 minute EMOM:

Minute 1: Ruck lunges

Minute 2: Ruck side bend (:30 secs R/:30 secs L)

Minute 3: Ruck Z-press

Minute 4: Ruck bent over row

Ruck weight: (Beginner: 20#/10#; Intermediate: 30#/20#; Expert 45#/30#)

Notes: Do the assigned movement for the entire movement with full range of motion and deliberately great form. Don’t rest in the transition between each movement; these are all opposing muscle groups so moving from one exercise to the next will allow the previously worked muscle time to rest. Keep a good pace and continue to move the entire 20 minutes.

*Eleanor Roosevelt, 32nd First Lady of the United States, was the first American delegate to the  United Nations. This is the only memorial dedicated to a First Lady in the national mall and a presidential memorial.


6.29.23 “LINCOLN”

5 Rounds:

1 min fast stairs (or box step-ups)

1 min max burpees

1 min plank shoulder taps

1 min rest

Ruck weight: (Beginner: 20#/10#; Intermediate: 30#/20#; Expert 45#/30#)

Notes: Just like Monday, this is a workout where you should push the pace at about 90% effort during the first 3 minutes, then breathe easy on the rest period and get ready to push it again for 3 minutes; repeat that cycle 5 times. If you do not get 50 burpees total across the 5 rounds (at least 10 every minute, then add a round in the end and make it 6 rounds).

*This monument honors Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, and the virtues of tolerance, honesty, and constancy in the human spirit.~Britannica 

6.30.23 “King”


Mountain Climbers

Ruck Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Ruck Swings

Ruck weight: (Beginner: 20#/10#; Intermediate: 30#/20#; Expert 45#/30#)

Notes: Chip away at a steady pace on this one. If you can, try to get faster as you go! Starting with 50, the rep scheme should look like this: 50 mountain climbers (2 count) - 50 Ruck Sumo Deadlift High Pulls - 50 Ruck Swings, 40-40-40, etc.

*This memorial honors Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy and the struggle for freedom, equality, and justice. A prominent leader in the modern American civil rights movement, Dr. King was a tireless advocate for racial equality, working class, and the oppressed around the world. ~National Park Service