The 75 Hard Check-In with GORUCK HQ

The 75 Hard Check-In with GORUCK HQ

75 Hard is much more than a physical challenge, it is meant to push you out of your comfort zone both mentally and physically. To successfully complete 75 Hard, designed by our friend Andy Frisella, there are a few rules you have to follow for 75 days straight without fail:

  1. Pick a diet to follow - no alcohol or “cheat meals”
  2. Drink a gallon of water per day
  3. Complete 2 daily workouts - Each one should be 45 minutes and one must be completed outside regardless of weather (#GTFOutside)
  4. Read 10 pages per day of a non-fiction book
  5. Take progress photos every day

At the beginning of the year, a bunch of us here at GORUCK HQ decided to take on the challenge. Now, we’re almost halfway through and already seeing the benefits. We asked some of our team here at HQ about their experience with 75 Hard so far; what they’ve liked, what they’ve learned, any advice, etc. If you’re currently taking on the challenge, or thinking about it, check out what our team has thought about it so far.

Meet the team:

Alex, Supply Chain Manager - 75 Hard Start Date: 1/1/24

Cathy, Warehouse Associate - 75 Hard Start Date: 1/1/24

Justin (aka J1), Scars Manager - 75 Hard Start Date: 12/18/23

1. Why did you take on 75 Hard?

Alex: The main reason was for all the benefits I knew it’d provide, both physically and discipline-wise. I wanted to kick start the new year with a goal of getting fit, and 75 Hard was a worthy challenge that I wanted to complete.

Cathy: I decided to do the 75 Hard because our boss put it out there and challenged all of us to do it. I thought it would be a good way to embrace the GORUCK culture of doing hard things. I was also looking for the comradery of people all doing the same thing.

J1: I was familiar with the program and I’m an avid listener of the RealAF podcast. I am a father to a beautiful 14-month-old girl and needed a hard reset to get myself back on the path!

2. What has been the most challenging part of 75 Hard so far?

Alex: Sometimes scheduling that second workout can get tricky depending on what is going on that particular day, but it just takes some planning ahead.  Also, my diet can get hard at times!

Cathy: The challenges vary from day to day depending on what’s going on. Some days drinking a gallon of water is the worst and I’m drinking water at 9pm. Other days, it’s tracking what I’m eating and making sure I eat enough protein (my goal is 125g of protein a day). I’ve had to eat when I’m not hungry just to hit my goal. There are some days where I don’t want to do a second workout because I’m ‘too tired’.

J1: Starting before the holidays was tough. I’ve had a few out of town trips and have really had to focus to knock out all daily tasks!

3. What is one thing that you were worried about that has been surprisingly easier for you?

Alex: I was worried about fitting in the 2 separate workouts in a day, alongside work and family and all that goes with that.  I also worry about any travel that could potentially pop up, as that can throw a wrench in things.  But every day I get up early and knock out my reading and outdoor workout before anyone else is awake, and it is a great way to start the day!

Cathy: Not drinking alcohol has been one of the “easier” things. I would usually drink on the weekends and social events. So far, I’ve been able to do a GORUCK event with no beer afterward, hang out for cigars and cocktails without drinking, and attend a wedding - all sober.

J1: No alcohol! I haven’t really craved it, not a big deal!

4. What have you learned so far/what have been your biggest takeaways so far?

Alex: I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s forced me to stay active, eat well, and knock out more reading than I would have otherwise. I’ve realized that I want to keep it going after I complete it, not necessarily strictly by the book, but keep the spirit of 75 Hard going.

Cathy: I have learned that I really enjoy reading. Since becoming an adult, I haven’t really read any books or made time to read. I’ll listen to audiobooks with no problem but reading always made me tired. I try NOT to read before bed so I can retain what I read. So far (23 days in), I’ve read 2 books and the self-help books have made me WANT to learn more. I’ve also learned that I need to plan ahead for the next day. One of my workouts has to be outside and if it’s going to rain in the evening, then my morning workout is outside. Eating the same foods for breakfast and lunch, as well as meal planning/prepping has saved me from having to figure things out last minute.

J1: All it takes is a little momentum to get yourself rolling. Prioritizing core daily tasks gets you more in tune with your “Boss voice” (Execute, Execute, Execute)

5. What resources have been the most helpful for you throughout 75 Hard?

Alex: I ruck every morning, so I couldn’t do it without my Rucker 4.0 20L and Ruck Plates!

Cathy: Reading the 75 Hard book really gave a good base and knowledge of what to do and what I can expect. Andy Frisella maps out what certain days will look like and what most people go through. So far, he’s been spot on.

My rucksack, Weight Vest and RPC have all been crucial to the workouts as well.

J1: The 75 hard app is a great tracking tool. Plus my GORUCK gear allows flexibility with workouts, especially while traveling!

6. Any advice for anyone thinking about trying 75 Hard?

Alex: Once you make the commitment, just get it done! There isn’t a question, just do it. Whatever it takes.

Cathy: Ultimately, having other people do it with you helps a lot. It’s made my 75 Hard more doable having my husband on board. He doesn’t drink alcohol and will do the 2nd outside workout with me. He’s supportive of me measuring out my food and even bought me a cuter gallon water jug to keep track of my water intake. Having other coworkers check-in or send pictures of what they are eating/working out has helped keep me accountable.

J1: Listen/read the program intention before committing! As Andy mentions, “This isn’t a fitness challenge, it’s a mental transformation!” No compromise!


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