World's Greatest PT Shorts

World's Greatest PT Shorts

By Jason McCarthy

Let’s say you’re single and you’re on a Special Forces team. It’s early morning PT and you’re wearing the world’s greatest PT shorts (Ranger Panties), with zero movement restricted. All the reps with all the weight and all the miles later, it’s breakfast time so you and your team head to the diner for six-egg-omelettes and hash browns and a hundred cups of coffee wearing a new, dry shirt with the same great Ranger Panties you just worked out in. They’re a little obscene and showing signs of wear in the wrong places, but you think nothing of it. It’s completely normal, and this is a free country, God Bless America.

Now, let’s say you’re married and it’s the weekend and you’re done with PT and it’s time to take the family to breakfast. You want to wear your weekday breakfast attire (Ranger Panties), but your wife says no way are you wearing those out in public with me. So, reluctantly, because you’d rather be married than right, you change into something more “appropriate.” Life is still great, but it could be better.

Well, good news now. GORUCK’s Premium Ranger Panties don’t pill up in the wrong spot and they do a better job of concealment in all the right places without adding any unnecessary length — billions of dollars in R&D later, the best fabric to allow full range of motion is still no fabric. And they’re so damn classy you’ll be authorized to wear them everywhere, not only to Saturday breakfast, but to dinner and out on date nights and to your mother in law’s fancy birthday party, too. Everywhere.

Oh and by the way, they feature a built in pocket that holds a military ID perfectly. A major upgrade from the rest on the market. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously, stop restricting your movements, and start tanning your legs like your ancestors did.

GORUCK Ranger Panties now available in Short and Long length.