Available Positions:

  • Videographer/Graphic Marketer
  • E-Commerce Guru
  • Product Designer


If excellence is your way of life, this may be the place for you. We’re looking for people who want to make decisions, people who love chaos, people who hate excuses. We’re looking for people who choose the hard right over the easy wrong, people who want to help us grow the right way into a billion dollar brand.

  • GRHQ is in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. This means our CEO and all Events operations are located here, four blocks from the ocean.
  • We R&D the future’s best gear and do Scars Repairs in Bozeman, Montana. Our Creative Director/Co-Founder and Quality Control Director are in Big Sky Country.
  • Our shipping center and Gear Operations are in Seattle, Washington. Regardless of the position, if you want to work at GORUCK, the GORUCK Challenge is calling your name. Think of it as an interview condensed down to 12 hours.

  • Videographer/Graphic Marketer

    • Location: Jacksonville Beach, FL
    • Proven ability to create quality narrative videos from interviews and action footage (such as a GORUCK Challenge)
    • Creation of graphic collateral for ads
    • Will spend significant time editing footage, historical and new
    • Hard skills: video editing software (preferable Adobe Premiere), Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
    • Extensive travel required, including weekends, all over America
    • Pace will be extremely fast (welcome to GORUCK). Goal is to create 3-5 videos/week, many in tandem with the Content Director, and provide operational support for Social Media/Advertising team
    • Reports to Content Director

    E-Commerce Guru (Marketing)

    Location:Jacksonville Beach, FL

    The Fun Stuff


    Product Designer

    Location:Bozeman, MT

    We aim to become one of the largest most respected gear and apparel manufacturers in the world. For you to fit in the Force is strong with you and you’ve spent 5+ years in a significant role in new product development at an apparel or soft goods company.

    Our R&D team’s geographical isolation from the rest of GORUCK allows an autonomy, and a creative vibe rarely found at companies where R&D members consistently get sucked into operational problems. In Bozeman, our team’s sole focus is to build the best gear on the planet and the presence of our Co-Founder ensures integration with the company’s strategic goals.

    R&D is a small world, we probably have mutual friends if you’re in this world.