Times like these — where things are changing daily and you’re most likely stuck at home — can be stressful. We understand it, and we’re feeling it too. We’ll all go crazy if we remove ourselves from the world indefinitely and sit inside and do nothing but stare at screens. You need to get outside, you need to move your body, you need to reduce stress (exercise helps). The good news, we have some tips for remaining active. This too shall pass. Faster if we’re smart about it and we #keeptraining.


Build Your Own Home Gym

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Training Apparel

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Join us for daily workouts that will be simple (but not easy), scalable to all abilities, and you can do them anywhere. Plus all you need is a ruck and a sandbag.

From The Blog

4 Ways to Keep Training During Self Isolation

Wherever you are you can do these four things to help you stay sane: Daily Ruck PT, Rucks for time/distance, Ruck your Dog, Ruck to the Grocery Store.

The New Normal: Somewhere Between Kabul and Smelling the Flowers

I had moved to Kabul just as I was settling into a competitive CrossFit career. Because of cultural norms, I was not allowed to wander the city on my own, or even go for a short walk in my neighborhood.

My Garage Gym Build Out

Adaptation is our way of life. In one of many changes we’ve made recently, our garage is now a garage gym, and it’s seeing a lot of action while we’re on lockdown. The good news is that it doesn't require a ton of expensive equipment.


New to Ruck PT? Check out a step by step guide to tons of training movements you can do with just your ruck.