Michael Easter

I'm an author and journalist who wrote The Comfort Crisis. I have a new book coming out in September 2023 called Scarcity Brain. Writing my books takes me around the world to wild places to learn about physical and mental health and how we can live better. I live on the edge of the desert in Las Vegas and ruck often with my wife and two dogs.

Favorite Workout:

Carry something heavy-ish for two miles. E.g., Get a sandbag or jerry can and carry it, switching how you carry it along the way. Go from shoulder to shoulder, bear hug, across your back, at your side, etc.

Advice To Your Younger Self:

Two answers: "Pay attention" and "Don't take yourself so damn seriously."

What’s On Top Of Your Rucking Playlist:

The Grateful Dead

Favorite Beer / Coffee Order:

Iced half-caff Americano (I've usually had 2-3 coffees at home by the time I'm ordering, so I usually order half-caff.)