Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy, a US Army Green Beret Master Sergeant and Special Forces sniper, is a former professional MMA fighter with a storied career in organizations like UFC and Strikeforce. He holds multiple black belts, including in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Army Combatives. Tim is a renowned commentator on cable news, known for his hosting on HISTORY Channel's ‘Hunting Hitler’ and Discovery Channel’s ‘Hard To Kill’. A frequent guest on podcasts like Joe Rogan and Jocko Willink's, Tim is a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur, owning numerous successful companies and championing elite brands. He co-founded Save Our Allies, assisting in evacuating thousands from Kabul, and advocates for veteran support and mental health awareness through initiatives like The Independence Fund. Tim is dedicated to family, education, and mentorship through his Apogee Strong program.

“Pre-military, rucking was a way of life. They don’t call it rucking. They just call it work…

When I joined the military, I remember the first time I got to basic training. The entire basic training class was all Ranger Regiment kids and 18X-ray. This is post 9/11, so every one of those guys had volunteered to go into combat arms because of 9/11. There was this tangible angst of how do we get to war. The first time we got that rucksack on, it felt amazing. This is what it was about. I was so proud and excited to be there.”

-Tim Kennedy, US Army Green Beret and Special Forces Sniper