Patch - GORUCK Tribe Kids (Monthly Subscription)

Patch - GORUCK Tribe Kids (Monthly Subscription)

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Since the first GORUCK Challenge in 2010, GORUCK has been synonymous with the harder, more adventurous path. To push yourself, and to be pushed. To find meaning in the beauty of shared adventures, to seek challenges that demand growth, to serve something greater than yourself. To be a part of a real community of people pushing each other a little more.

Kids have always been an important part of our GORUCK community - not as bystanders, but as kids who ruck alongside their family. Kids who like and need to lift heavy things. Kids who are looking to be of service to their community.

After introducing Tribe in January 2021, we heard a resounding cry to bring the same type of challenges to kids. As a result, Tribe Kids was born.

We've designed Tribe Kids to encourage children to enjoy the GORUCK way of life: get outside, sweat with your friends and family to stay fit, and find a way to serve something greater than yourself.

December Details

Workout (All Ages):

A. Ruck 1 mile, once a week (4 miles total during the month)

B. "Divide and Conquer"

8-12 year olds: *Do this with a friend; divide the reps how you'd like so that you get the total number; if you are alone, do 25 reps of everything
For time:
50 Air squats
50 Plank hand claps with your partner
50 No push-up burpees over the ruck
50 back to back seated ruck passes

8 years old and under: *Parents: younger children can do this with a friend, but do not need to devise a rep scheme division (because math); they can just do it as a group for fun!
AMRAP in 6 minutes:
4 10-meter shuttle runs
5 air squats
6 side to side twists
10 plank shoulder taps


8 & Under: Olivia's Birds: Saving the Gulf By: Olivia Bouler

8-12: Operation Yes By: Sarah Lewis Holmes


All ages: All ages: Choose one service project to do from the list provided here , or create your own! The goal here is to do something helpful for your family or community. Anything will do, whether it is picking up trash or going through your closet and giving clothes away, do something that helps others.

Download the Worksheet for ages 8 & under or 8-12 for your kid to track their progress!

Requirements to Earn the Patch
  • Do the workout with a ruck or sandbag
  • Read a book (sometimes more than one if you want!)
  • Seek Adventure through related challenges and tasks
What To Expect Each Month
  • An exclusive Patch
  • A workout (with video demonstration) to be completed during the month
  • Age-appropriate book(s) that talk about the monthly theme
  • Fun and educational challenges
Subscription Details

The first time you sign up, you will be billed at time and date of purchase. Your subscription will automatically be renewed and billed on the 1st of every month following. E.G., If a customer places an order on January 28th they will receive January patch and then be billed again on February 1st for the February patch. To cancel or change your subscription, visit the "My Subscriptions" page when logged into your customer account.