A Cadre's Reflection on 10 Years of Bragg Heavy

A Cadre's Reflection on 10 Years of Bragg Heavy

By Cadre Cleve

This past weekend was a great reflection of that one thing that we all share, yet is different respectively between each and every one of us: Our why.

Every single one of us have it. It’s what brings us together. Although different, we are all bonded through adversities while on our own quests in seek of just what that very thing is. No one can tell us as individuals our own why. It’s within us, it’s ours that we must seek and find, knowing full well that there is no such thing as perfection, but as long as we strive for it, we will most likely stumble upon excellence.

Excellence lies in the basics. As all us GRTs know, brilliance in the basics comes through most defining when facing an opposing force, not as an individual, but as a team. A team of like-minded individuals on a mission and different in every single possible way, shape, and form are there for you at any given time, in any given place. Whenever you need to call out for SUPPORT, they’re there!!!!

The team, balanced in all ways both good and bad with each member having their own strengths and weakness grants the collective the ability to surround an issue and attack it from different angles and perspectives all while looking out for our best interest. Thus granting the team the ability to preserve everything.

Through shared experiences, and connecting in the most human way possible, prove time and time again, that racing to seek out problems and constantly seeking guidance, counsel, and mentorship for self-improvement will ultimately hold us accountable to be better for those we care about most.

Establishing connections, building rapport, and discovering maladies bond core relationships that build communities. When those communities are offered the opportunity for a free way of life, they will always choose the harder way in order to have a better way. Nothing is free and everything worth doing takes time, energy, effort, and focus. That is the ultimate cost. Freedom is a heavy burden, and we have a personal responsibility to hold ourselves accountable as we carry this weight as a contributing team member.

With the support of the team, we are able to remain laser-focused on that one thing as we patrol through non-permissive environments and climates: Our why.

It’s pretty crazy to think about the magnitude of these events deep down within the marrow. Hosted by the special operations Cadre that all, for the most part, share underlying related experiences that taught us lessons while facing opposing forces. Lessons that have been forged by fire and scripted in blood. It is those lessons that we use as Cadre, has the ability unlike any others to touch individuals from all walks of life in a way that establishes a connection that resonates and reverberates over time. A bridge across a gap from one side to the other that goes both ways. That connection, that bond, is what makes these events carry a magnitude that reverberates through generations.

The personal feedback from our participants about their growth and how these lessons have been brought back into their personal lives, into their homes, shared with their families, and into their professions is one sly humbling. These lessons through adversity present newfound growth and oftentimes remind us of old vulnerabilities that keep each of us accountable. When faced with hardship and all obstacles in life we can’t quit.

It’s about taking that step forward toward the problem and taking action. No matter how many times in life, just like at events, you may have setbacks. Every one of those times is another lesson that is earned. A new core value that helps guide us along our way on the path toward our goals. Deepening our purpose and creating conviction within ourselves, within our why.

Often times while on that quest, in dire search of our goals and purpose, we have to seek out support. The weight of many situations bare devastating effects on our target. That is where the power of the team comes in. The humility to call out for support in a time of dire need, when one is stuck and faced with no other options. This is the way. Success is never individual. It’s always shared with a team. It is the team that ultimately is the entity that we as individuals can always fall back on in order to hold us accountable and carry on towards finding out the answer to our own individual why.