10.31.23 “MONSTER MASH”

For Time:

10 Burpees
31 Kettlebell Swings 
10 Burpees
31 SB Overhead Throws
10 Burpees
31 SB Push Presses 
10 Burpees
31 SB Bent Over Rows or Pull-Ups
10 Burpees
31 KB Sumo High Pull
10 Burpees
31 Kettlebell Snatches (total)
1,031meter  Ruck (spice it up by taking a coupon...grab a pumpkin, sandbag, KB, you choose) 


10.30.23 “CHAD PREP IV”

Part 1

For time:

400 Ruck Step-ups 

*Rest 5:00-10:00 between Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 2

2 sets for total reps:

2:00 Ruck Walking Lunges

1:00 Rest

2:00 Ruck Squats

1:00 Rest

 *Use height & loading that is consistent with how you plan to tackle


10/28/23 “SLOW & STEADY”

BUY IN: 50 Russian KB Swings (unbroken)

12 Heavy SB Deadlifts
12 Heavy SB Floor press

12 KB Posted Leg Deadlifts (each)
12 KB Single Arm Floor Press (each)

12 KB Bulgarian Split Squats (each)
12 KB OH Strict Press (each)

CASH OUT: 50 Russian KB Swings

10/27/23 “MED BALL PUMP”

HR Push- Ups
Med Ball Cleans
*100ft Med Ball Carry after each set

Start with 10 reps of each exercise, then do a 100ft ball carry, then 9, Carry, 8, Carry...until you get to 1 rep each and finish with a carry.

10/26/23 “FOUR”

400m SB Suitcase Carry (switch hands as needed)
40 SB Back Squats

10/24/23 “BULLET”


MIN 1: SB Lateral Toss

MIN 2: Ruck Russian Twists

MIN 3: SB Hang Clean & Press

MIN 4: Ruck Pressed Leg Raises

10/23/23 “CHAD PREP III”

Buy In: 400m Backwards Walk (Ruck Optional)

100 Ruck Box Step-Ups
100 Ruck Squats
100 Ruck Box Step-Ups
100 Ruck Alternating Reverse Lunges
100 Ruck Box Step-Ups
100 Ruck Soccer Touches
100 Ruck Box Step-Ups

Cash Out: 400m Ruck Side to Sides (switch sides every 100m)


4 Rounds for Time:

  • 19 Kettlebell Ground-to-Overheads (53#/35#)
  • 19 Kettlebell Front Squats (53#/35#)
  • 19 Kettlebell Push-Ups (each hand=38 total)
  • 400 meter Kettlebell Run

    Wear Ruck for entire workout: 

    Expert 45#
    Male 30#
    Female 20#

    Use a single Kettlebell throughout. With a running clock perform 4 rounds of the prescribed work in the order written as fast as possible.

    Your Kettlebell is your “Ranger Buddy.” You cannot lose physical contact with it at any time. You may rest it on your body, or set it on the ground with one hand touching it, but do not let it go completely. If you DO let your Kettlebell go, you forfeit the progress of that round, and you must start the round over.

    For the Kettlebell Push-Ups, you must perform 19 Kettlebell Push-Ups (with one hand on top of the Kettlebell) for each arm. Each round requires a total of 38 Push-Ups.

    Score is the time on the clock when the last Kettlebell Run is completed.

    10/20/23 “COUPLE MILE CARRIES”

    2 ROUNDS: 

    200m SB Zercher Carry
    200m SB Overhead Carry
    200m SB Back Rack Carry
    200m SB Bear Hug Carry
    200m SB Suitcase Carry (switch hands as needed)
    200m SB Right Shoulder Carry 
    200m SB Left Shoulder Carry
    200m SB Front Rack Carry

    *Wear a ruck to spice it up!

    10.19.23 "SANDBAG KALSU"

    100 Sandbag Thrusters

    *Every minute on the minute 5 Burpees with lateral hop over sandbag.

    Once you complete the 5 Lateral burpees do as many SB Thrusters as you can in the remaining time of that minute. You start with burpees again at minute 2, etc.

    It is going to hurt, your heart rate will be high. Remember if you don't get any thrusters in each minute then you are no closer to your goal of 100, so keep those burpees quick! You can modify this workout by cutting down the number of burpees to 4 each set if needed.


    10/17/23 “VESTED”

    4 ROUNDS:
    *wear your weight vest (or ruck)

    Min 1: Push Ups
    Min 2: SB Bent Over Row
    Min 3: SB Shoulder to Shoulder Press
    Min 4: 200m Run
    (quick run, scale distance if needed)
    Min 5: Rest

    10/16/23 “CHAD PREP II”

    Buy In: 800m Ruck Run/Shuffle

    100 Ruck Box Step Ups 
    25 Ruck OH Flutter Kicks (4 count)
    100 Ruck Walking Lunges (total)
    25 Ruck + SB Single Leg Posted Deadlifts (each)
    100 Ruck Squats
    25 Ruck OH Slow Leg Raises

    Cash Out: 800m Ruck Run/Shuffle


    10.14.23 “RUCK ON”

    3 ROUNDS:

    1min Ruck Plank
    10 Ruck Push-Ups
    20 Single Arm Ruck Curls (total)
    30 Ruck or SB Deadlifts
    20 Single Arm Ruck Curls (total)
    10 Ruck Push-Ups

    FINISHER: 1 MIle Ruck

    10.13.23 “ROUGH RUNNER”

    30 Minutes:

    1 min Ruck Run
    30 sec Ruck Walk

    *Keep a challenging but steady pace on the run. 
    *If you are new to running, complete without your ruck

    10- 25ft Ruck Side Shuffle (down & back)

    10.12.23 “BOULDER SHOULDERS”

    BUY IN: 200m SB Zercher Carry & 200m SB Overhead Carry

    50 SB Push Press
    40 Single Arm KB Hang Clean (total)
    30 KB Upright Rows
    20 Plank SB Pull Throughs 
    Max Effort Ruck or KB Front Hold

    CASH OUT: 200m SB Zercher Carry & 200m SB Overhead Carry


    10.10.23 “BEAR NECESSITY”

    4 ROUNDS:

    50ft Bear Crawl (slick)
    5 SB Bear Complex
    100ft SB or Ball Bear Hug Carry

    *after you complete 4 rounds of the above, move on to 4 rounds of core work below

    4 ROUNDS:

    10 Single Arm KB Sit-Ups (each)
    20 V-Ups (total)
    40 sec Single Arm KB Overhead Hold (each)


    10.9.23 “CHAD PREP I”

    5 ROUNDS: 
    20 Ruck Squats
    20 Ruck Cossack Squats (total)
    20 Ruck Walking Lunges (total)
    20 Mountain Climbers (4ct, slick)

    10.7.23 “ACHILLES”

    20 min EMOM (every minute on the minute):
    10 Push Ups
    Max Med Ball Over Shoulder 
    Male 100#
    Female 80#  
    *modify weight if needed 


    10.6.23 “AXL ROSE”

    8 ROUNDS:
    10 Hand Release Push-Ups 
    20 KB Russian Twists 
    1 min Plank Hold
    20 Squats 
    *weight vest optional


    10.5.23 “CALLOUSED MIND”

     2 Mile Farmer Carry (wear weight vest)

    *can be same weight in each hand or an uneven farmer carry with different weights alternating as needed 



    1 Mile Run 

    100 Sandbag Burpee Clean & Press  

    1 Mile Run 


    10.2.23 “THE FILTHY PIRATE”

    10 ROUNDS: 

    5 Pull-Ups or 10 SB Bent over Rows 
    10 Push-Ups
    15 Squats 
    20 KB Swings  

    Male: 20# weight vest 
    Female: 14# weight vest