Jedburgh Rucking Boots

Jedburgh Rucking Boots

Jedburgh Legacy

The night before the Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy, the first 3-man Jedburgh team jumped into occupied France. They linked up with the local resistance fighters and waged guerrilla warfare against the Nazis — sabotage, ambushes, raids — and coordinated supply drops that would further arm the underground and draw enemy fighters away from the main Allied efforts.

93 Jedburgh teams deployed between June and September 1944 to work behind enemy lines in urban and rural areas, by day and night, supporting a shared mission to liberate the free world from oppression. Per Hitler’s Commando Order, if captured, they would face torture and execution.

Deception, therefore, was the name of the game.


Deception Canvas™

It's not actually canvas. Our Deception performance upper material is recycled polyester woven tight to create a vintage canvas look. It's tougher, dries faster and happens to be eco-friendly.

Deception at play.

Built on the MACV-1 Platform

Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots feature a versatile performance upper on the same solid foundation of our classic rucking boot - MACV-1™.

They both share the same durable, yet lightweight EVA midsole and all-terrain outsole that thrives in all kinds of terrain.

Proven at the GORUCK Challenge

The Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots continue the legacy of MACV-1™ - proven over thousands of miles at the toughest endurance events in the world. No matter how much the Cadre throw at you, you want your boots to support you every step of the way and you want them to never fail.

Operation Jedburgh
The History Behind the Boots

The objective of the Jedburgh teams was to assist allied forces who invaded France in June 1944 via sabotage and guerrilla warfare. They also led local resistance forces in disrupting actions against the Nazis.

Our Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots honor the legacy of the 300 men selected as Jedburghs and are adaptive to their broad spectrum of mission requirements.

The "Jeds"

Surprise, Kill & Vanish

The Jedburgh program’s motto, “Surprise, kill, and vanish,” neatly encapsulated its mission to organize, train, and lead French resistance groups against German targets. Their teams parachuted into France to work closely with partisans to sabotage enemy facilities.