Men’s Commando Tee - Merino Wool
Men’s Commando Tee - Merino Wool
Men’s Commando Tee - Merino Wool

Men’s Commando Tee - Merino Wool

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Reinforced Shouldering

The shoulders are reinforced with our Indestructible Training Fabric to help retain structure and prevent abrasion when under a ruck, which is the preferred way to travel.


89% Merino Wool and 11% Nylon. The Nylon adds toughness and helps the shirt retain its shape. The Merino is what gives the shirt antimicrobial, quick drying, and temperature regulating properties.

Comfortable on Skin

Not all wool is prickly, heavy and lumpy. Merino is the world’s finest wool and feels soft and lightweight, which is why it’s often used in next-to-skin clothes – like underwear and socks.


The build-up of bacteria is what creates an unpleasant smell on your shirts. Unlike synthetic fibres, merino wool naturally resists bacteria and odor retention.

Regulates Temperature

What really sets merino apart is its breathability – it's able to prevent overheating and cool you down when conditions heat up. Merino’s natural ability to regulate body temperature means you pack fewer clothes and stay comfortable in any weather.


Our Merino Tees are proudly American-made, built right here at home with wool sourced from New Zealand.


Merino wool can absorb moisture and still maintain its ability to insulate, keeping you dry and warm. It’s also naturally moisture wicking – able to draw perspiration away from the skin so you stay dry when working up a sweat.

History of Wool in the Military

While wool has always been the primary fiber in all U.S. Armed Forces dress uniforms, military leaders are again looking at modern wool as an under-layer and for its benefits surrounding heat resistance and flame retardancy for our troops.

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