The Pushover with Jaala Shaw (4-Week Training Program)
The Pushover with Jaala Shaw (4-Week Training Program)
The Pushover with Jaala Shaw (4-Week Training Program)
The Pushover with Jaala Shaw (4-Week Training Program)

The Pushover with Jaala Shaw (4-Week Training Program)

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The Pushover is a 4 week program. 3 days per week. 10-15 minute sessions.

Do you want to go from zero to hero with your push-up strength? This program is for you!

The heart of the matter is that most people are either not consistent enough to see improvement with their skills, or they overtrain. This program is designed to help you build strength consistently, while avoiding burning out on this particular skill by building in intentional variance in pushing movements as well as time under tension. You can add this as auxiliary work to any existing training program.

  • Program access: PDF download and online video library.
  • Program duration: 4 Weeks
  • Sessions per week: 3
  • Athlete level: ALL
  • Equipment needed: Rucksack with Ruck Plate (30LB/20LB) + Sandbags ( one very light one for single arm movements, one heavier one for pressing movements and pulling movements)

What is The Pushover?

About the Trainer
Jaala Shaw

Jaala (CCFT/CF-L3, PN L-1, CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff) has been coaching various sports all over the world for the past two decades. Starting her career as an assistant swim coach at the University of New Mexico, then coaching club swimming in California and at the Sichuan Institute of Sport in China, and eventually owning a CrossFit Affiliate where she coached a mix of competitive crossfitters, weightlifters, and endurance athletes; she has varied coaching experience across many sports. 

As an athlete, Jaala has been in love with sport her entire life. She swam on scholarship at D1 University of New Mexico where she also ran track. In her adult life she competed in CrossFit Games Regionals as an individual 2x, has qualified for the Boston Marathon, finished 5th place overall female in the Bryce Canyon 50 miler, finished GORUCK Team Assessment, competed in the 1st annual GORUCK Games, and has participated in GORUCK Selection 6x. 

Jaala is currently the Director of GORUCK Tribe Kids, teaches outdoor preschool, works for CrossFit HQ as Seminar Staff, and is the Founder and Head Coach at Drop by Drop Fitness, her online nutrition and fitness coaching business. 

25+ Instructional Videos

Sandbag + Rucksack Movement Library

Get access to over 30 videos that clearly demonstrate the movements required for every workout covered in the 4-week plan.

The Pushover FAQ

You will receive a PDF that breaks down the 4-week plan in detail along with access to a movement library of over 25 instructional videos.

This program is for ANYONE who wants to improve their push-up strength. Whether you are just starting out and can barely do any push-ups, or you are able to crank out 65 in 2 minutes, doing this program will help build push-up capacity.

No. This is an auxiliary program that you should add to your workout routine. There are 3 workouts a week that last about 10-15 minutes. This is an appropriate amount of volume so that you are not over training, but are able to build strength consistently over time.

It is best to complete the program while you are fresh, prior to your regular workout of the day.

No added weight.

Weight prescribed for the exercise is always listed as male/female recommended weight. 

All movements are scalable and suggestions are given for how you can scale up or down. 

It is ok to change the weight in order for you to be able to do the prescribed rep range. The same goes for scaling up. If the weight is too light and you can do the prescribed work at a heavier weight, go for it!

The program is intended to set up a baseline for integrating push-ups into your workout routine. Habit formation is key. Research shows that doing something consistently for about a month contributes to long-term success. That being said, get those 4 weeks done, then start from the beginning of the program again making the movements harder by scaling up.

Program Notes

*Take at least one day of rest in between each workout. Ideally this would be done M-W-F or Tu-Th-Sat; if that isn't doable for your schedule, set something up that you are able to maintain week to week in order to be consistent. Each session is approximately 10-15 minutes and can be added volume to any other training program.

**When you have finished the 4 weeks, repeat! Make the movements progressively harder by slowing down your tempo (time under tension) and/or increasing the degree of difficulty of movement; you can even add weight to unweighted movements!

***Do the standard warm up before EVERY session