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Performance Apparel. Built in the USA.

Our performance apparel is proudly 0% cotton and 100% built in Spokane, Washington, USA.





Get to know Joe, whose team builds every piece of GORUCK's performance apparel. Learn why it took him over two years to agree to work with GORUCK, and what it takes to be a successful manufacturer in America.

Joe is a proud GRT who has completed multiple GORUCK Challenges, and he serves on GORUCK's Board of Advisors.




FEATURED STORY: The Man in the Challenge Pants at Selection 019

25 hours later, you’re the last man standing on a dirt trail in the middle of a swamp in the middle of nowhere. The mosquitos don’t care, the Cadre don’t care. And the sandbag isn’t gonna move itself.

The work continues.

This is GORUCK Selection. 48+ Hours. 80+ Miles. A pass rate of less than 2%. An endurance event where the standards, established and enforced by Special Forces Cadre, never disappoint.

In Special Forces, you’re looking for any edge you can find. Of the body and the mind, of the weaponry and the gear you use and the clothing you wear. Milliseconds can determine life or death, and failure is not an option. So you choose the best and you take your chances with that.

This is no different. Pants don’t make the man. You can pass this event in Ranger Panties if you’re willing to endure the pain, and no Cadre will performance fail you based on whether you shred your pants or not.




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Rucking the Grand Canyon

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GORUCK's performance apparel is proudly 0% cotton because when you want something that performs, cotton's rotten.

Built to last and dries really fast. It's lightweight and can practically fold down to the size of a 12oz can of Budweiser.

Performance apparel that's not shiny. Looks and feels like cotton with nylon's strength and polyester's wrinkle-resistance.