GORUCK Sandbag
+ Ruck Training

Welcome to the new GORUCK Training Program!

GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck workouts are simple (but not easy), scalable to all abilities, and you can do them anywhere — your garage, your front yard, at a park with your friends. You choose the time, the place, and your teammates.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. Special Forces have been training with minimal equipment, and reaching the tip of the spear of human performance since forever. It’s not fancy and it’s not expensive.

Ten years and thousands of events later, it’s time to formalize everything we’ve learned about Building Better Americans at the most foundational level of training others — to focus on a brilliance in the basics of movement, strength, and performance.

Why GORUCK Sandbag + Ruck Training?

-Do the Work Anywhere - In a Field, at a Park or Parking Lot
-No Barbells or Specialized Equipment
-Emphasis on Movement (aka Rucking)

What to Expect

Workouts will be available on the app Beyond the White Board. We’ve found that this is the best platform to deliver daily workouts with video tutorials plus you will be able to compete on the leaderboards, track your progress, and form "squads" to better communicate with teammates in your Ruck Club.

Meat Grinder Monday: Never miss a Monday. We will kick off each week with a tough workout that will leave you energized to start your week.

Thrasher Tuesday: Keep your momentum going with another tough workout targeting complementary movements.

Warrior Wisdom Wednesday: Emphasis on active recovery or rucking miles. It’s important to move your body, to put the steps and the miles in, to spend some time outdoors. So get your rucking miles in, clear your head, and gain some wisdom by listening to our Cadre-led mindset talks.

Technique Thursday: All about teaching movement, tactics, skills, breathing, knots and new movements. Then we will practice the skill in the workout.

Fire Breather Friday: A fire breather is someone who faces the triumphs and tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit. So face this day’s workout head on.

Suck Fest Saturday: Most of us have more time on the weekends for a longer workout, so this one will suck a little more than usual. A team option will be available if you want to workout with a friend or family member.

Sunday Rest Day: Try a new sport, go to yoga, eat dinner with your family and friends. Have fun and show up ready on Monday.

About the Trainer Cadre DS

Cadre DS maintains and teaches a “ready for whatever” level of fitness as foundational for any specific challenges you’re looking to take on.

His background is rooted in the Special Operations way of life. Tier 1 operators train like professionals, eat like professionals, and fight like professionals. And it’s all about the team — as an individual you’re accountable to them. DS was trained by some of the best in the business of optimizing human performance, and he gravitated toward training others on his first deployment to Afghanistan. His first students were his Afghan partner force, most of whom weighed 95 pounds soaking wet. They needed to be stronger and faster in order to be better teammates, and DS made it his mission to make them tougher and harder to kill, day in and day out. Since that deployment, he has continued his passion for training with a CrossFit L1 Certification and bettering others in gyms, fields, and digitally— the world over.

Feel free to reach out to Dan AKA Cadre DS inside the app or in the private Facebook group if you have specific questions.

How it Works

SIGN UP for the GORUCK Program via the Link Below

You will receive the first 2 weeks FREE, then the cost will be $22 per month. This is an introductory price.

Download the BTWB App and Login

Once you log in to the app, you will be able to view the GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training Track under "Today's WODs"

Receive Daily Workouts the Night Before

Workouts for the day will be posted the night before at 7PM EST.

Complete your Workout and enter your score

This isn't about winning the workout, but more about tracking your improvement over time. Results and leaderboard gains follow consistency.


Sign Up Now with Beyond the Whiteboard

With our program that is available through the Beyond the Whiteboard app, receive daily Ruck and Sandbag Workouts programmed by Cadre DS. Each workout will include a demo video to help you learn the movements and include tips on both mindset and training. Sign up now and receive the first 2 weeks free!

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Sandbag & Ruck Training

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$22.00 USD
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What equipment do I need?

Just a Ruck, a Ruck Plate (or any weight), and a Sandbag. If you don't have a sandbag, most workouts can be done with just a ruck.

How much weight should I use?

We recommend the same weight as our standard event load: 30lbs for anyone weighing 150+ and 20lbs for anyone who weighs less than 150.

If you need to adjust based on current fitness level, do so. Some training will require heavier weight, but often less is more.

How do I modify if I am injured or have movement restrictions?

Based on what your issue is, ASK us, we’re here to help and want you to benefit from the training.

I already have a Beyond the White Board account, how do I access GORUCK SRT?

If you already have a BTWB account, you should still register for GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training through the app which includes a BTWB monthly subscription. After you do, simply email support@btwb.com to cancel your previous BTWB subscription.

What if I paid for a BTWB subscription AND a GORUCK SRT Subscription?

 Email support@btwb.com to cancel your previous BTWB subscription.