Merino Wool

Merino Wool


In WWI, wool was so important to British soldiers on the front lines that knitting wool sweaters was seen as a patriotic duty. By WWII, wool’s reputation was further solidified. However, members of the SAS were in the field for long stretches of time, wearing rucksacks and carrying other gear, and they were always on the move.

They saw too much failure of their traditional wool sweaters, and they needed something lighter, so they added reinforcements to the shoulders and the elbows. This became the iconic British Commando Sweater, and the inspiration for what we call the “commando test” — to pass muster, merino wool must be reinforced in high stress areas. If it’s not, it simply fails too fast like the traditional wool garments that the SAS rejected.

Reinforced paneling — found on ALL GORUCK Merino Wool products — represents the standard for performance in the merino wool category. This means your merino shirt keeps its structure better over the long haul while you get all the benefits of merino like no stink and perfect temperature regulation no matter the adventure, or the mission.